Thursday, May 7, 2009

Challenge 1: Anadama Bread

Hater of molasses and enriched-dough breads, I was prepared to dislike this bread (a lot).   I began thinking of diplomatic ways of saying "Yuck.  This bread is no good."  I figured the best strategy to employ was the Ugly Baby strategy, whereby I would make neutral comments about the bread much in the same way one does when confronted with a friend's less than cute baby.  "Oh my!  Look at all that hair!"  Or, "Oh my goodness, his hands are so little!"   I came up with some bread-related comments like, "It contains molasses" and "I think there must be some carbs lurking somewhere in that loaf." 

Ugly-Baby strategy not necessary (not for this loaf at least).  It was good.  I can't call it "very good" because I'm still not a fan of breads with much more than flour, water, and a little levain.  The kids loved it.  Everyone except my youngest who, because of the molasses, thought she was eating some really messed-up gingerbread.  

A few changes to Reinhart's formula and method:  I used less yeast and I relegated the dough to the refrigerator for the first rise.  I found the dough rather slack and sticky, but since I shaped it cold, I was able to do it without adding any additional flour.  

This bread is good toasted for breakfast with honey, apple butter, or another sweet topping.  I also imagine it would be good with roasted turkey (or ham) and some sort of fruit chutney.  

I plan to post some pictures later in the evening.


  1. Its good to know that I am not the only one in the beginning who is like, "hmmmm, -not so sure about this bread." I am baking this weekend, so I have higher hopes now! Happy Baking :)

  2. Looking forward to seeing your pictures! My husband is enjoying the bread schmeared with peanut butter, but I'm going the purist route and eating it plain.

  3. Just finished my loaf and I am ok with it. I just ripped off a chunk and devoured it though. Been trying to think what else I could do with it and I like your suggestions.

  4. You're cracking me up with your ugly baby remarks. I thought it was good, too. Not fabulous, but good. It made good toast with some butter & parm and done on the griddle.